Landlord Property Management

Owning a property for the rental market can be financially lucrative, but it also takes a lot of time and effort to find and manage tenants, prepare leases, collect rent as well as repairing and maintaining your homes.

Expert property investors and landlords agree on one thing: if you have just entered the rental property market or do not have the large list of skills it takes to successfully manage a rental property, then it’s best to leave the job to a professional property management company.

There are many questions you can ask yourself to decide if taking on the services of a property management company is right for you.

1. Where is your property located? If it’s located any more than a short distance away from where you live, then it’s much better to get a local property management company to provide day-to-day management.

2. Some properties can require frequent repairs and visits. Are you able to dedicate the time required for this, or would you be better off letting a property management company take on those responsibilities for you?

3. Are you able to commit the time required to find tenants, collect rents, property upkeep and maintenance? If not, then it would be best to leave all or some of these jobs to an experienced property manager?

4. Do you have enough time to spend doing things you enjoy? If you are already managing your own property and having a stressful experience and a lack of free time, would it be better to give away a relatively small amount of rental income but in return receive much more time to spend with your family or taking part in your favorite hobbies?

New property owners and landlords can often be hesitant to take on the services of a property management company in a bid to save costs. Many new property owners have fallen for this mistake and have paid the price for it. Getting behind on your property maintenance or taking in the wrong type of tenant are all things that can be prevented with the professional services of a good property manager.

Langee Realty, Inc. is based in and covers the Tampa Bay Area, Florida. We are a full service property management company with more than 25 years of real estate and property management experience. We can offer you anything from tenant location and lease preparation services to our complete, fully managed service which lets you sit back, relax and enjoy the return of your investment property without any effort on your part. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

Tampa Landlord Property Management

Tenant Rent Collection

Collecting  rent money and security deposits can often be a challenge for absentee and local landlords in the Tampa Bay area of  Florida. We make collecting rent  our number one priority as the security of your investment property relies on it. Our landlord property management service includes owner and tenant tools that can be accessed online. For tenants, this means that no matter where they are, they can pay their rent online with a few easy clicks. If, for some reason, rent is not paid on time, we will immediately initiate and serve your tenant with the appropriate notice demanding payment. Our property management service also ensures the following:

- We help owners determine the proper amount of rent and security deposits for their Tampa area rental properties.

- Our goal is to keep your Tampa rental property occupied, while getting you the highest return on your investment.

We will collect the first month's rent and security deposit, as well as the monthly rent through the terms of the lease.

Our landlord property management services are geared towards a "win-win" situation. Tenants want a decent, well maintained rental property and owners need a decent tenant who will pay their rent on time. We make it easy for tenants to pay their rent, offering online payment options for tenants and a rental that is well maintained.

We will collect  tenant's security deposits according to the FL Statutes, and provide them with the applicable notices, disbursements upon move out. All security deposits are forward on to the owner.

We are her to help you with your rent collection. We make collecting rent easy.

We specialize in dealing with problem tenants.

Tampa Florida Landlord Property Management

Tenant Locator Services

Langee Realty can find a tenant for your Tampa rental property. We will charge either a one time tenant referral fee or you can elect to utilize our full service property management services. Please call us directly to obtain information about our Tampa Bay tenant locater service and full service property management services for Tampa Bay area owners.

Locating a tenant for your rental property in Tampa, Brandon, Seffner, Temple Terrace or in other Tampa locations such as in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties may seem easy. Finding and placing a good tenant who will pay for as well as care for your investment rental property is often a challenge. We can reduce the need for evictions or costly repairs to your property, by putting each prospective tenant through a thorough tenant background check.

Let us locate and place a great tenant in your Tampa Bay Area rental property, one who will have gone through our tenant screening and background check process. When owners neglect to screen their tenants, it often results in problem tenants causing costly evictions or damage to your Tampa investment property. We will ensure that the tenants we locate for you are properly screened with prior rental history verified prior to move-in.

Tenant Screening

Our Tampa landlord property management service provides tenant screening services to ensure that owners of investment and rental property in the Tampa Bay area will have a tenant who has a history of paying rent on time, a stable work history and who has maintained and cared for their past rental properties. Tenant retention is important and screening your Tampa tenant helps make sure that your tenant will fulfill their lease obligation.

Screening the tenants for owners of Tampa Rental Properties includes:

-Gives prospective tenant's credit reports

-Provides tenant criminal background checks

Langee Realty, Inc. has decades of property management experience in the Tampa Bay area. Finding and screening tenants for Tampa Bay area rental properties helps owners rest easy, knowing that their properties are well cared for and rent is paid on time. Call us to find out more about our tenant screening services for Tampa rental properties.

Lease Preparation Services

Langee, Realty Inc., understands how Florida rental agreements and contracts work. Many owners mistakenly utilize improper rental lease agreements and lease forms when renting their investment homes, condos, and apartments in Tampa Bay. Our property management service provides lease preparation services for the Tampa area owners we represent. We will prepare the appropriate lease agreements, specific to our owners' rental homes, condos, and other investment properties.

Although a written lease is not required in Florida, our Tampa Bay property management service includes lease preparation services that protect both owners and renters. Our leases are drawn up in accordance with the FL Statutes and the Landlord/Tenant laws specific Florida rental properties.

Tampa Landlord Property Management

Repairs and Maintenance

A happy tenant is generally a tenant who will pay on-time and who will renew their lease. Often times, it is difficult for an absentee owner to deal with the repairs and upkeep on their Tampa Bay rental properties. Often times this results in a disgruntled, unhappy tenant and a run down property. Absentee property owners often times are overcharged by handymen, plumbers and AC Repairmen, and do not have the proper resources to maintain their Tampa area rental properties.

- Langee Realty Inc.,  has a large network of fully licensed and insured property maintenance subcontractors. Because of our professional relationship with the subcontractors we are typically able to get better repair pricing then average individual owners.

- Our property management service includes inspection of the exterior of your property to ensure that your rental property retains it's "curb appeal."

- Providing for maintenance and ensuring the upkeep of your property helps occupancy through renewals and rentals.

- Our property management service provides rapid repair of problem areas.

Financial Reporting

It is imperative that detailed financial reporting is maintained on your investment properties. Our landlord property management services include the following online financial reporting services to owners.

-We track tenant occupancy through move in and move out reports

- Our landlord property management service includes the preparation of itemized statements to include total amount of rents collected  and cost of maintenance and repairs.

- We provide landlords with an annual statement of rental income for the IRS

We use advanced online property management software to effectively manage every property in your portfolio.

Our online software is a Residential and Commercial Property Management program, designed specifically to help today’s Real Estate professionals work more efficiently and effectively. It includes a completely integrated accounting system that offers General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, and drill-down financial reports that integrate seamlessly with a powerful property management software system.

By providing all of the tools you need such as property management, work orders, web site integration, online payments and tenant screening, our system enables you to be more organized and productive. You get the sophistication that the back-office personnel need.

Tampa Landlord Property Management

Property Management Pricing

Plan 1 - We find you a great tenant.

1 Month rent for finding a great tenant.

Plan 2 - We only collect the rent money for you.

7% of rent for tenant relations. (When collected from tenant).

50% of late fees (When collected from tenant).

100% of Eviction Notice fees (When collected from tenant).

Plan 3 - We collect the rent and coordinate the repairs.

10% of rent for tenant relations. (When collected from tenant).

50% of late fees (When collected from tenant).

100% of Eviction Notice fees (When collected from tenant).

18% for use of brokers money for repairs.

No tenant lease renewal fee.

Tampa Florida Landlord Property Management